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You’re in: Recon corps

Father is: Bean (YES)

Mother: Annie

You will marry: Dot Pixis

Your Rival: Petra

First Kiss: Jean

Wants to kill you: Ymir

My Team: Annie, Eren, Armin, Hanji, Dot Pixis

You Accidently kill: Levi

No I think that pretty much sums it up

im having problems with this apparently my dad is pixis my mom is pixis i have four eren jaegers and a connie for my teammates pixis wants to kill me while pixis also apparently wants to marry me

recon corpssss!!!! father erwin, mother mikasa (hOLLA???? what even), i’ll marry connie. we’ll see about that. (no), rival. PIXIS. first kiss is jean. aww. bertl wants to kill me. bertl???? my team is mikasa, annie, petra, annie the 2nd, and pixis.  i ACCIDENTALLY KILLED LEVI????? NO.

You’re in: Recon corps

Father: Reiner

Mother: Annie

Marry: Levi

First Kiss: Bertholdt

Rival: Hanji

Wants: to kill me Hannes

Team: Dot Pixis, Levi, Mikasa, Reiner, Levi 2x (what)

You accidentaly kill: Dot Pixis

Whut. Though I’m happy enough I got Levi to marry. 

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Shingeki no Kyojin: First & Last Appearances

this is an awesome post 

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Ask Box is now open!

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[Mun-nyan: Okay, so this is my first time putting up an ask a fandom character blog ever so um, yeah, just—I’m sorry in advance if Armin is a bit OOC since this is an AU of some sort. I’ll try to still have him stay in character though!

Also a disclaimer, I’m open to any ships with Armin (I guess lol) but I’ll eventually get biased with Jearmin (Jean x Armin) and slightly Eremin (Eren x Armin) so take that into consideration, thank you!]


Kitty Corporal is the best Corporal


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